Cardboard Grips

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Available in an array of colours, THE ORIGINAL, One Piece, CHILD SAFE Balloon Stick (B-Loonstix®) with integrated cup is a the perfect alternative to helium filled promotional balloons.
The use of these sticks removes the need to tie knots in the balloon necks, saving time, and therefore enabling the balloons to be reinflated. They are quick and easy to use – simply secure the neck of the balloon to the balloon stick and the balloon will be fixed in place.
Once attached, these sticks can be used to effectively position custom printed balloons in displays and are ideal for balloon hand-outs. The balloons are kept fixed and elevated at eye-level, providing the perfect alternative to helium balloon handouts.
This product is child-safe and EN-71 Toy Safety Tested and, as it is a shatterproof one-piece balloon stick, it is suitable for younger children.
Beware of imitations! Are your one piece balloon sticks genuine?
Only bona fide B-Loony balloon sticks carry the B-Loonstix® engraving on the upper body of the stick. Replicas may not be tested to the same safety standards and may snap or shatter to reveal sharp and dangerous edges.


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