Seeded Paper Printing

From only £ POA

Seeded paper is a new creative way to have your wedding, corporate invitations or other items printed. Once used they can then be upcycled by planting and watching it grow afterwards.

We can print or die cut our Seeded Paper so the possibilities are endless.

We also offer a range of die cut shapes, ideal for card making or gift tags, for example Leaves, Spades, Butterflies and Love Hearts.

Seeded paper is literally paper with seeds embedded into it. Using a combination of recycled paper, cotton fibres and wild flower seeds (especially chosen to attract bees) the paper is hand made using a twin wire machine. Due to the to the fact that it is hand made, the paper will vary from sheet to sheet.

When the paper is soaked and then placed in soil, within 7–10 days the paper will germinate and sprouting seedlings will appear. Eventually the paper decomposes and leaves the seedlings to grow into mature plants.