Small BOC Helium Gas Cylinder (1.81m³)

From only £ POA

This Small BOC cylinder will provide you with the helium gas you need to easily fill your balloons and perfect your display. It is a lower-range cylinder that will inflate approximately 200 10” latex balloons. However, it is still large in comparison to our disposable helium cylinders, which holds enough gas to inflate approximately 45 10” latex balloons.
Our balloon gas is completely safe and can be used indoors or out as it is non-flammable, non-explosive and non-toxic.
Without valves, 12” latex balloons will last 10-12 hours when filled with helium – so if you’re going to be using latex balloons then you should only inflate them just before the event to make the most of their inflation-life.
Metallic foil balloons are specially adapted to contain helium, will float for several days after inflation and can be re-inflated.
Price includes delivery and collection of cylinder and up to 2 weeks rental, with an additional weekly charge for longer rental periods.
Available in MEdium, Large and X-Large.


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