Upcycled Socks

From only £ POA

Composition: 85% Upcycled cotton for comfort, 12% polyamide for strength, 3% elastane for comfort and strength.
Packaged as a pair with free recycled branded sock tag and individual self-seal bag.
Minimum quantity order from 150 pairs per size and design.
Available sizes: one size fits all for men, one size fits all for women. A one size fits most is also available. However, you can request any other sizes.
High quality cotton results in a snug soft fit that absorbs sweat, enhances durability and offers superior comfort.
Reinforcement in heel and toe provide durability to dramatically improve product life.

We have a partner company that collects textile waste, mainly used clothing and PET bottles, on our behalf.

The textile waste is cut into smaller pieces and is then shredded to recover the longest fibres possible.

This is the upcycled recovered cotton fibre made from textile waste. The colour blending process is dye-free and creates unique colours without the use of water or chemicals.

These fibres are combined with carrier fibres to help strengthen the yarn and complete the eco colour blending process.

The upcycled yarn is spun into low-impact premium yarns in a limited spectrum of colours.

We then knit the socks with the customer’s design and place them into individual self-seal compostable bags made of potato starch.


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